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Private chef service


Your "in-home" food specialists

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or simply looking to transform your weekly meal prep menu, maybe sharpen your cooking skills with a private cooking class. Your own Culinary Brigade is at your service. Feel free to browse thru this site, check out some of our work, meet our team, connect with our social media. Drop us a line and contact us!


Enjoy Your Food


Your Favorite Food At Home

The perfect way to enjoy amazing food, wether it's an old favorite or you're feeling adventurous! It happens in front of you, and best of all, it happens in the comfort of your own home! We offer the most creative, mouthwatering menus paired with unparalleled attention to detail and unmatched service. Book now, dates fill fast!

Chef Rodolfo Reyes


Take The Hassle Out of Eating

Great food on order!

We help you the way you need when it comes to food, whether you're looking to adhere to a diet and reach specific goals or simply lack the time or skill to cook for you and your family. We take care of your food needs!

Our CHOICE NUTRITION meal prep line helps busy families, company CEOs and professional athletes on a weekly basis. 

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Meal Prep


Home Cook to Aspiring Chef

Cooking classes for all, wether you want to learn a few tricks, teach the little ones about food or you want to go pro... We can help!

Private Chef
Gourmet Meal


What our clients are saying about us

"Chef Rodolfo exceeded my expectations for a most memorable dinner. Highly recommended"- 10/19/2020

- Shari Mulvey
Scottsdale Arizona

"Rodolfo was extremely kind and professional. Presentation was out of this world and was as delicious as it looked. He was very accommodating to any food restrictions. I will definitely be rebooking him in the future!! Bravo!"- 10/28/2019

- Stefanie Correia
Scottsdale Arizona

Chef Rodolfo was wonderful! He made the event very special, taking time to explain each dish. The food was amazingly good, exceeded my expectations. I will definitely book him again. Thank you!- 5/21/2020

- Jody Wolfe
Phoenix Arizona

"We had the BEST experience with Chef Rodolfo! He was great with communication and expectations up front. We were staying at an airbnb in which the kitchen posed a few problems but he came right in and was able to adapt quickly. All 4 dishes were incredible and we enjoyed his company and conversation through out the meal. It was an intimate setting and just what we were looking for." 11/3/2020

- Hannah Mount 
Malibu California

"Polished, sophisticated, highly talented- Rodolfo cares hugely about his profession and your enjoyment of his food. We had a tremendous time with him and really valued his cooking" 1/7/2020

- Cara Bradley
Scottsdale Arizona

Superb dining experience was provided to our family for New Year's Eve dinner by Rodolfo Reyes. His culinary expertise appealed to all our senses & was delightful. His personality is charming & humorous. His explanations of ingredients & technique inspired us to want to cook his recipes. An overall excellent dinner & dessert to celebrate the New Year. We definitely recommend hiring one of his chefs for your celebrations. 1/10/2020

- Mr. Andrew
Palm Springs California

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